Onyx / M-Series Fixture Profile Requests

Onyx 4.6 uses a new library format which is not compatible with any Obsidian and Martin consoles, running Onyx M-Series software builds up to Onyx 4.4
As an experienced Onyx M-Series library developer I am happy to offer support for all below consoles & PC installs, for a small fee of $20 per fixture type, including all required modes.

Libraries can be provided for:

– Onyx (up to 4.4.1193)
– NX4 (up to 4.4.1193)
– NX2 (up to 4.4.1193)
– M6+ (with Onyx upgrade kit) (up to 4.4.1193)
– M1 HD (up to 4.4.1193)
– M2GO HD (up to 4.4.1193)
– M6
– M1
– M2GO
– M-PC
– Maxxyz Compact
– Maxxyz

Please fill in the below information and complete the payment procedure, so I will create the profile for you within a few days

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    Please paste a link to the product page.

  • Upload File *

    Fixture requests require accurate DMX documentation. If no DMX chart exists I am unable to create a fixture. If the documentation is incomplete it is up to the user to provide the full DMX layout. Please transfer the info into a proper document (excel, word, pdf) if it only exist as photos/scans/faxes etc.Max file size: 10 MBPermitted file types: pdf xls xlsx csv doc docx

  • Needed by Date *

    I strive to fullfil all requests within a few days. Please understand that certain fixtures with many modes take a lot of effort to generate so they work smoothly inside the software.

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