Onyx / M-Series Fixture Libraries

Fixture profiles are the backbone of every show, created with Onyx or M-Series platform. With over 30 years of experience, in the lighting industry, lighting console R&D, and fixture library support, I’m pleased to offer this state of the art fixture library support. As an Onyx\ M-Series user and support consultant, for over 10 years now, I’ve created most of the fixture library profiles, including complex multi part profiles, hi quality profiles for the Film and TV industry, including detailed CTC color ranges, CIE XY values, complex multi-layer FX engines, complex Media Server, Laser, Moving Light and precise generic profiles.

Starting from build 4.6, the Onyx platform will no longer provide fixture libraries, for any Onyx\ M-Series builds, up to Onyx 4.4

This unique service, will continue the support, for any Onyx\ M-Series platform, that does not upgrade to Onyx 4.6 and beyond